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Plowing straight ahead come what may
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Hellfire…I developed a bad leak in the waterline on my side of the water meter last Tuesday and the city quickly sent a worker over to check things out and confirm the leak is on my side (we found the source of the leak)…long story short, I called a half dozen plumbing contractors to get someone out to give me an estimate for repairs…not one has came out! The ones that returned my calls said that they are “covered up” and don’t have the manpower to follow up for a quote for repairs (they apparently quit while blaming the Covid) Eek Eek Eek I’m getting tired of pissing off my back porch, flushing my shitter with 1 gallon jugs filled up at my daughter’s house and taking whore baths out of a gallon jug Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Mad Mad…so in the spirit of the times…FUCK JOE BIDEN!!! or the clean version “LETS GO BRANDON!”…I like the real version better “FUCK JOE BIDEN” you senile fool…rant over and I sorta feel better, sorta Frown


"we've gotta roll with the punches, learn to play all of our hunches
Making the best of what ever comes our way
Forget that blind ambition and learn to trust your intuition
Plowing straight ahead come what may
And theres a cowboy in the jungle"
Jimmy Buffet
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That rug really tied
the room together.
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I can understand the rant, but....

My wife is a retail district manager.

EVERYONE is short staffed right now. Walmart has raised starting pay to $17 per hour for night shift truck unloaders/stockers. Walmart doesn't want to pay $17 an hour for an entry level position, but they have no choice.

In retail, customer service comes last when you are short.

You HAVE to unload the truck. You HAVE to move that freight from the back room, to the shelves. You HAVE to man the cashier lanes and sell the stuff. Wash, rinse, repeat. If a store is 20-100 persons lower than budgeted, they must maintain the core functions above. Unload the trucks, stock the shelves. That is priority one.

Its not ideal but if you understand the process, you can understand why its so hard to find any employees to help you.

Often times a very small man can cast a very large shadow
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Video news story about jobs for plumbers.. Last nights story about a local business had placed a large roadside overhead billboard advertising jobs looking for qualified plumbers with a $10,000 (yes I said $10,000) sign on bonus to new hires. After several days not even a single nibble inquiring about the jobs and that it would be possible to make $100,000 a year. ................. drill sgt.
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Dances With
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Originally posted by HRK:
Sorry we re short staffed.......

4 words they don't want to hear on a porn movie set....

I suppose the answer of Hire Taller Staff may not be the answer.
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I am an Assistant GM for a hotel. Hiring employees in the service industry is impossible. You can offer signing bonuses, retention bonuses, benefits and training for people with no experience all to no avail.
Some restaurants here are offering dishwashers gym memberships and other such incentives to sweeten the pot.
During the recent election I would laugh when I saw campaign ads promising lots of new jobs. Huh?
We can't find enough people for the existing jobs.
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I was in walmart last night. Employees were more socializing than working. Food shelves were ransacked. Employees looked as colorful as customers and it definitely had a third world vibe
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I Deal In Lead
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Just got back from 2 weeks in Kona, Hawaii.

Some places, but not all, had a sign to "be kind to the employees who showed up today."

In actuality, the service was great everywhere we went even if they were short staffed.
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