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SIG, why does buying the parts individually cost more than a conversion kit? WTH? And for those of you who would jump in and say just buy the conversion kit, well the one I want is not offered in a state-compliant 10-round configuration, so I figured I'd just buy the parts and limited magazine. Oh, but NO!

A conversion kit for a 320c in .357 SIG is $430. whereas buying the parts individually is $560! Mad

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Why is buying in bulk cheaper than individual?

While that is huge difference, it is probably easier to have a kit boxed and ready to go than many small parts scattered over the warehouse, add in individual packaging, and then have to scurry all over the warehouse to fill an order.

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There's a fixed cost for managing a single SKU (Stock Keeping Unit - each part that can be ordered gets its own ID number) that's baked into the standard cost for SKUs.

Keeping track of a SKU, touching a SKU, or planning for it costs the same whether it's a $430 SKU or $40 SKU. So, ordering a $430 SKU has $1 for all that baked into it and ordering several $40 SKUs has the same $1 per SKU baked into the price for each.

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Osage County Guns has one listed on their website for $359.99. What you should do is call them, tell them you live in a communist state that requires 10 round magazines and maybe they can swap the magazine out for you if you buy it. Couldn't hurt to give them a call and find out.

After looking closer, it's a Carry configuration.
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