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So in my quest for a full sized, striker fired, optics ready 9mm I walked into Cabela's yesterday. Looking online they at least had a variety of the guns I wanted to look at.

Walk up to the counter, the old fart behind the counter asks me what I'm looking for and I tell him, "I'm looking full sized, striker fired, optics ready 9mm that's not a Glock."

He instantly pulls out a G17 gen5 MOS, "Have you tried the gun 5 Glock?"

"Yes, I have but like all Glocks, the grip isn't natural for me, they point to the right and I constantly have to adjust my grip and my sight picture."

"Well that's not the gun, you just don't know how to shoot."

"OK, we're done here." And I turn and walk out.

"Wait! Wait! I'm sorry..."

If that's the way the conversation was starting, I really did not want to have to endure any more of it.

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Good that you walked. There is a thread here that suggests the VP9 meets your specs.

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Fuck that. I’d walked right over to the manager on duty and told them their employee was insulting a customer. Then I’d contact corporate about it. There is absolutely no reason for that in any business.


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Well... he's right, but you still don't say that shit to a customer.

That's more Tatical Timmy than Fudd, imo. By the thread title, I was expecting this, and I would've walked out on this clown, too:

Divided we stand.
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That’s why I don’t go into Cabelas or Bass Pro, or any store like it. I would have asked for a manager as well. You even said off rip no Glocks. Every mfr these days makes a striker fired platform. Glock is not the only game in town.

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Originally posted by 2000Z-71:

"Yes, I have but like all Glocks, the grip isn't natural for me, they point to the right and I constantly have to adjust my grip and my sight picture."

"Well that's not the gun, you just don't know how to shoot You need to use the other hand."

Big Grin


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I firmly adhere to the old adage, "The customer is always right." As a salesman, why would I want to argue against an already stated preference? As mentioned earlier, Bass Pro and Cabela's are not the place for good advice. IF I enter one, it's because they are the only store in my area having the gun I want. I then walk to the case, pick out what I want, and say, "Let me see that." I do not respond to conversational chatter. Last time I bought a gun at Cabela's, they wrapped and sealed it while I filled out the paperwork. They got pissed when I demanded they unseal it and let me see what they had put in the box when I wasn't looking. I usually go to Cabla's about once every 5 years, and usually leave pissed off.
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Unprofessional to be sure, but I don't understand the "Fudd" part. Did he pronounce his R's like W or something?
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If a customer asks me for a specific item that is the first thing they see. After that point I may make suggestions if they are receptive to that.

No way would I “suggest” that they consider a firearm when they specifically stated that they weren’t interested in that make or model.

And I certainly wouldn’t say to a customer “Well that's not the gun, you just don't know how to shoot."

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Don't see how that makes him a "Fudd". I'd argue just the opposite.
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In this day and age ,
The best friend you have is the internet.

You can't realistically expect the modern day retail sales associate to
Possess all the knowledge of all guns ,large and small.

You got the answer that he knew,

Granted it was not what you wanted to hear.

Between gun forums, YouTube and Google ,you should be able to narrow your search down to four gun options,
But you gotta do the work.

20 years ago, some customers knew more about refrigerators when they walked in to the store,
Than all three salesman put together.
Because of the Internet.

The days of two options, take it or leave it were over 15 years ago.

The customer must inform himself,
The customer must research the products.
The customer must be diligent in searching for a retailer that can provide the desired product .

All from the comfort of your computer desk.

If there is only one the that the big box retailers have learned in the last thirty years,
It's that
People love to come in a finger fork the merch and yak .

When it comes to purchasing merch they will ( more often than not)

Save $13.00 on line.

When I moved to Phoenix it had 11 gun stores ,

When I left it had 4.

The Internet killed b&m stores

Safety, Situational Awareness and proficiency.

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Originally posted by egregore:
Unprofessional to be sure, but I don't understand the "Fudd" part. Did he pronounce his R's like W or something?

Fudd, defined, well... as well as the Urban Dictionary can define it. Wink

God bless America.
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The stereotype of a "Fudd" is a self-proclaimed gun enthusiast who is generally older, whose sole focus is hunting-related, and who has a dim view of modern firearms and especially anything they consider "newfangled" or "tactical". Named after Elmer Fudd, the bumbling old cartoon hunter with the double barrel shotgun.

They like bolt action hunting rifles, pump shotguns, and over-unders/side-by-sides, and don't understand why someone would want/need an AR15, or why any sane gun manufacturer would use plastic or aluminum. Some also tolerate handguns, though often limited to older classic designs like revolvers or 1911s, and mostly just for target shooting. Their annual shooting experience likely consists of a couple rounds right before hunting season to check zero or pattern their shotgun, and a few more rounds at game animals during the season, before being packed back up for next year.

More insidiously, they often claim to be supportive of gun rights, while also being in support of stuff like gun free zones, assault weapon bans, magazine capacity restrictions, etc. Their mindset being that since it won't affect their deer rifles or duck shotguns, it doesn't matter.

They might consider using those hunting guns defensively as a last resort, but aren't really supportive of the idea. Think of the Bidenesque trope of "Nobody ever needs an AR or a Glock with a high capacity clip... If someone tries to break in your house, you can just give them a couple warning blasts from your double-barrel shotgun off the balcony".

(Or the classic "You're better off keeping a pump gun under the bed for safety. Keep the chamber empty so when they hear the chack-chack it'll scare them off! And if that doesn't work, the birdshot will pepper them nicely and make them think twice.")

This guy doesn't strike me as a Fudd at all. Especially if he was trying to convince you to buy a Glock. Rather, he just sounds like the typical "know-it-all" gun counter jerk.

If he was a Fudd, he'd have been trying to steer you towards a break-action shotgun. Big Grin
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Most recently, I have been buying my artillery from the local Dunhams. I look online to see if what I want is in stock or available to be shipped to the store. Then I go to the store and say I want what I want. They then process the sale. Avoids a lot of stupid conversations like the OP had.

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Methinks someone has a real problem with Glocks, because I just don't get this story.
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Thank you for the link vthoky. I guess that I have been in a more sheltered life than I thought. This is the first time that I have read about a “Fudd”. Learned something new again today.
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Don't go to chain stores? It's like going to Best Buy and expecting the kid to know anything about what you're trying to buy. Those days are gone.

Check out the HK VP9 and the FN 509.
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My story was a while back at Galyan's (later bought out by Dick's and destroyed). I asked to look at a Ruger Vaquero 45LC/45ACP. The old guy handed it to me and I started to check for empty. Opened the loading gate and started to click through the chambers. Not spinning or anything fancy. The guy reached over and grabbed the pistol from my hand. He told me "You need to put these guns in half cock to rotate the cylinder, or you'll damage it". Alrighty dude. This is not a SAA and there is no "half cock" on a Ruger. He then awkwardly demonstrated the technique holding the hammer back partway and turning the cylinder. Bye.
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There are not enough dealers to choose from around here that I could afford to walk out on a disagreeable clerk.
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I may be leaning towards Fuddness, although I support the 2A fully, even rabidly. I have some tactical stuff like an AR15 or several, and I keep a G19 at the ready, but the only thing I want to buy now are Ruger No.1s, revolvers, and lever actions. I did recently buy an M14, but it has a wood stock. Smile

As I get older, I find that wood gives me wood. And rolled-slide Sigs.

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