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How long after people started to take Metformin + insulin did you start seeing results, i.e. blood sugar dropping to somewhat better levels?

For me, never. I was diagnosed with Type 2 earlier this year. Initially I was placed on 1000mg of Metformin daily and a Levimir Insulin pen, 30 units every night before bed. My sugars were still out of control. Eventually I got a new family doc, he added Invokana and now I only take insulin 1 or 2 nights a week at most, and when I do its usually 15 units or less.

I also found that when I take more than 1000mg of metforim daily I have the ususal side effects of stomach issues and I feel tired all the time. I still take it, but only 1000mg per day.

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Thanks ^^^
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Well, I had my first quartley checkup this week since being diagnosed. A1c is down to 5.6 from >15.5 back in September, so that made me happy. It was kinda sucky going through Christmas and Thanksgiving without being able to partake in most of the goodies, but it was worth it to get that report. There's still a lot of talk about "honeymoon period" and how it's probably not always going to be this controllable, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm happy to have found a solution that's working for now.
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I've been on 1000mg metformin 2x daily. I've cut out sugary sodas and a fair amount of carbs. When initially diagnosed, my A1C was only in the low six range, but we've been able to control that in the mid 5.x range and slowly tending down a bit from that.

Various companies these days make different types of high protein pasta, cereal, pancake mix, and other items, which make it possible to still enjoy these types of foods while not totally blowing my sugar out of range.

My other half has been immensely helpful with this, both finding and trying different foods, experimenting to find just how big of an impact to my sugar I can expect from each.

While getting things dialed in or trying new items, testing before and after to check the impact has been pretty helpful.

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Since you have been on the CGM, what kinds of cause and effects have you found that have surprised you? What things have the least or most impact on your levels?

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Honestly, the biggest thing that surprised me is that working out pushes my levels up....temporarily. I run a mile and a half to two miles every day after I get up and eat breakfast, and even a relatively low carb breakfast coupled with a run and some box jumps will see some of my highest daily levels. They come right back down after a short time, though. Less strenuous but prolonged exercise like walking will cause a temporary drop, but it usually climbs again after a bit, even if I don't eat anything.

Anything with added sugar is a bad deal, or processed stuff. I try to avoid that and eat natural carbs like veggies or fruit (it probably is because most of the naturally occurring carbs have some fiber in them as well, which limits their digestability). I eat a ton of salads (I can make a pretty epic salad loaded with all kinds of stuff and substitute cottage cheese for dressing), meat (pork loin has been on sale lately, it's great in the Crock-Pot with mediterranean spices then served with sauted peppers,mushrooms, and onions), and cheese.

I also have to watch carbs with protein, as it seems to draw the effect out longer. I love a good bowl of chilli (and I don't care what the Texans say, chilli has beans!), and I can get away with a bowl, but if I eat more than that it will raise my levels and they will stay up for a long time. Same with Pizza...the crust is a killer.

My wife made pizza tonight with some kind of Mozzarella Cheese, egg, and almond flour dough (fathead dough she called it?)...regular toppings and light on the sauce, the whole pizza (the size of a cookie sheet) was less than 2 carb servings. Maybe not the most healthy thing in other ways, but it tasted awesome (like real pizza!) and my blood sugar stayed below 150 after dinner. I'd been missing pizza and this really hit the spot.

I've also started eating mixed nuts as a snack...good protein, and enough carbs to keep me from crashing but not enough to spike my sugar. You can't pig out, but a handfull here and there when you need a little something seems to work pretty good. It beats granola bars or crackers, because once I open those I'm eating the whole thing. With the nuts it's easier to portion control. I'm looking for some unsalted options, though, because it seems like all the brands our local grocery sells are loaded with salt, and it gets to be a bit much after a while.

Celery is a good alternative to chips with dip...nice and crunchy, but not loaded with starch. Potato chips are a big no-no, as are most crackers. The thin triscuits are ok if you've just gotta have some crackers, but you can't go crazy. I bought some veggie chips at the local bulk food place thinking those might be a good alternative to chips, but those were a huge mistake...I'm not sure what all was in there but even a small portion would send my numbers through the roof. They tasted good, though, so we've been talking about getting a dehydrator and making our own, so we can control what goes into them. Seems like it would also be a handy thing for my backpacking trips...nice and light and shelf-stable.

I haven't really tried juices or pop...I figure I'd rather save my carbs for better food rather than waste them on drinks. I can get by with water.

That's all I can think of at the moment...did you have any specific foods or activities in mind?
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