What's up with Sig Talk?

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April 30, 2022, 10:06 AM
What's up with Sig Talk?
Originally posted by jimb888:
That would be a good section for Para to add, but it's a reminder, again, to thank Para for this board. The depth of knowledge about sigs here (and a whole bunch of other things as well) is fantastic.

Hmmm. I guess Billy Bob’s BangBang Boutique is specific to ammo deals. My mistake. Both OpSpec and Grayguns have recently sent emails on this special. It is listed on OpSpec’s main page, though I don’t know whether it is at the discounted price or not. I didn’t keep the emails as I already have the DVD. Highly recommend it by the way.
April 30, 2022, 10:32 AM
You don't need Sigtalk to connect to Grayguns.
April 30, 2022, 11:59 AM
Originally posted by Tirod:
I signed up there first after buying a P365. Like any forum there were members who were the Alphas in their mind, being pro bono mods and somewhat uncaring about new opinions. Again - EVERY forum has a few of those, they come and go. Along with that, old forum members across all the forums tended to treat discussions as being within their sandbox - predominantly male and very much tribal. We can't do that anymore, as I point out, 16 million new to guns owners are circulating, half women. You cant scratch your itch in public the way you might at your favorite biker bar. Standards are now different, and you will like it.

They get new members signing up daily, it's a big push and the now more polite conversations seem to fit the newer gun owner better. As with any expanding field of interest, some of the questions asked are the same ones many of us asked 20 years ago. Those who answer set in their ways to chafe the new members and give them their tribal stripes are now fewer. It's frankly poor behavior to think a newbie needs a a beat down to join the gang. Bluntly, it's gang behavior and no male forum of interest has been absent that behavior.

On the other hand, some of the interest I have seen in firearms from new members is misplaced - it's much the same as building AR's ten years ago. The focus is assembling all the cool parts and making a snapshot of the industry offerings to compare and see who has the cooler gun. Whether or not they needed it daily, or even shot it, meh. It's a game of making social rank, not marksmanship.

That goes on all the time in mens forums. Watches, knives, hot rods, bikes - there is a constant need to see who measures up and who doesn't. Its why the girls draw off to watch and giggle at the boys playing social standup comedy -

Personally, a bit more give and take would be nice. Iron sharpens iron, some are long term shooters, have gone thru the sea changes in what works and what doesn't, and can deliver an experienced and learned opinion on the value of things. Like, the validity of carrying an IPSC race gun as your conceal carry choice. You may, others cannot, and it's become a tiresome exchange of who's blurring the lines and what the agenda really is. As noted by P, start ups can and do get onboard to promote their paid special interest - the gun makers and accessory vendors can and do buy influence online now. They are another pernicious poster in forums and it's easy to confuse them with "real people" or discern why or how they may or may not be part of the group anymore.

Those with online experience from 2005 or even earlier see trends and have experienced some of these circumstances first hand. The days of a free for all discussion in a sub forum are gone, as are tribal initiation rites to put the new members in their place. Be careful what you read when these issues come up - just exactly who is complaining, and why? Is it a gun owner with a 1911 frame of mind reacting to the new Glock operating arena? Been there done that on forums, we just change the names then wash rinse repeat. Ie "drop safety".

The forums of the 00s have passed, it's not a small insular club of like minded fans. Not any more. It's not "Sigtalk" as much as the internet as a whole.

Sounds remarkably like Reddit.....

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May 01, 2022, 02:38 PM
old dino
I know this is not Sig Talk forum related ... but just an experience with a forum that also was bought out by a Canadian company.

Just over three years ago I was diagnosed, extensively treated ( surgery, radiation, chemo ) for prostate cancer and joined a PCa forum for support. One would think with everyone being in the same boat all would be supportive. Not.

I hung in there for a year then learned the forum was bought by a Canadian company. Even though I asked, no one could ( or maybe would not ) tell me what was going to happen with all our personal data we shared in the forum. This concerned me so I did all I could to purge.

When the membership bailed ship over to another PCa forum ... it was still the negative majority with the handful of supportive. I decided not to join.

At the end of the day, I found more support here on Sig Forum ... and especially with the three brothers I met for the first time just over a week ago.

The support here on Sig Forum is amazing whether it is what we have done for each other, but also what we are doing for Para.

Thank you for listening and letting me share me thoughts ...


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May 01, 2022, 02:56 PM
Impersonal moderation is the same as a forum being moderated by a machine. You can't get straight answers and there's no one present to admonish members who misbehave in threads. When a member is disciplined, no one sees it because the only notification of disciplinary action goes directly to the erring member, via email.

Those who have to tolerate the bad behavior of others get no satisfaction from this approach, no indication that corrective measures have been taken, and therefore are left discouraged at the forum's environment. How very frustrating for the members who behave themselves (and that's the overwhelming majority) to see that there's no one in charge who has their back.

SIGforum, has a human presence for moderation, present every day and watching to the extent possible, threads and members that may be trouble. And when trouble arises, members can witness asses getting kicked, They can read clarifications of existing policies, and the organic growth of new policies and the rationale for implementing these policies. These are hallmarks of a benevolent society; punish transgressors, defend the well-behaved.

There is no other way to do it which is fair to the well-behaved members and, again, that's the overwhelming majority of the people here. You must lend your power to the good people and allow them to see that they aren't wasting their time by being here.

Machine moderation is shit.
May 01, 2022, 04:24 PM
old dino
"Impersonal moderation is the same as a forum being moderated by a machine." ~ Para

I am again reading the book "1984" by George Orwell that I last read in the early 70s. Para's first sentence rang so true ...

Also got the movie from the library yesterday to watch.


"Promise small, deliver big"

"Information in order to be useful must be shared"

"When shit happens, gotta adapt to what there is to adapt to"