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Some of you may remember I posted a rant in June 2018.

Sig2340 posted June 5, 2018 13:37
Four weeks ago I lost my balance when installing a ground-spiked solar light to mark the edge of the driveway.

A small thing, one might think. Fall, get up, dust yourself off, and motor on.

Nope. Not moi.

I lost my balance on the edge of the drainage ditch that runs across the front of my property.

It's not much of a ditch, perhaps 18" deep, with the place were I was standing another 12-16" above the top of the ditch.

So out I go, with a push trying to clear the 24" wide ditch.

Lacking sufficient velocity I crash into the far edge, about which I pivoted, slamming my left shoulder into the pavement, full force. It hurt. A lot. As in my first thought was I'd broken the head of my humerus.

Turns out I have a double, full thickness tear of the rotator cuff, with a torn biceps tendon to boot.

I have surgery in two weeks to repair the lot.

But the injury and surgery isn't why I post this lament, it's what I'm missing as a result.

I am going to miss seeing The Glitch Mob at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado. I am also not going to get to drive up to Wyoming the next day to shoot my 6.5 Creedmore AR-10 while spending my limited vacation time under the starry skies because I'm not to fly until mid-July, and not to shoot pistols, rifles, or shotguns left handed (which I am) until the end of September at the earliest.

All from putting a solar light in.


But there was more. In the surgery, the doc found a ton of old damage from two motorcycle accidents in the early 1980s. As a result, I had 12 weeks recuperation, post-surgery. I had two PT sessions before nearly dying of Clostridioides difficile and spending months in hospital and rehab. The shoulder never got properly rehab'd.

This year I've had a lot of pain from that shoulder, and over the weekend, it went from a pain score of 2 to a pain score of 8 (9 and 10 are reserved for cluster headaches).

I go see the orthopedic group that did the surgery, where I was assured it was arthritic changes. Still, he shot it full of cortisone and lidocaine. I got good relief yesterday, and expected the same today, but... I was treated to a shoulder that hurts about as bad as it did Sunday.

And I am going to see The Glitch Mob tomorrow night. FML, this is deja vous of a kind I don't like.

So the question I put before the hive is this:

Do I:

Seek another doctor; or
Go back to the same practice and tell them to try again; or.
Toughen up and live with the pain.


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Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018

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I'd tell them to try again, and if they balk I would look somewhere else. I certainly wouldn't try to live with the pain unless you keep trying and it turns out there really isn't a remedy.

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Even if you go back to the original MD, it might be prudent to get a second, fresh look at your shoulder.

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David, if you decide to see a different doctor this guy is local and highly recommended


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I feel for you, literally.

Shoulder surgery in 2018 for arthritic growth impinging the bursa, torn rotator, detached bicep tendon. About 6 weeks immobilized, 6 months physical therapy.

June 2020, stumbled and fell on concrete impacting on that shoulder and my head. This was the early stage of the Covid Stupidity, took about a month to get into the doc. X-rays and MRI ordered, then rescheduled 3 times over several months (Covid nonsense, staffing issues, etc). Gave up and waited until mid-2021, finally got in for MRI. Rotator is completely torn, bicep tendon completely gone.

By that time I had recovered much of the range of motion and was able to maintain limited function and sleep without pain meds. Being over 70, retired, no great need to regain full function, and being generally unwilling to undergo months of immobilization and surgery again, I decided to live with it.

Still general discomfort constantly with several daily incidents of sharp pains, pain wakes me up a couple of times every night requiring that I change positions and wait for the ache to subside so I can get back to sleep.

If I were younger and still working, playing hard, pursuing strenuous activities, I might make a different choice. This is just a comment on what is working for me.

Best wishes.

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A second opinion is alwaya a good idea.

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If you haven't had any imaging done recently, I would ask the doc you're seeing for a fresh set of images to see what's actually happening in there. That way if it isn't in fact arthritic changes there would be motivation to go in and fix it again. Then if they are unwilling, you already have the imaging done for another doc to have a look at.

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I would eat bananas, mangos and avocados for enzymes and get some from the Vitamin Shoppe as well.

Dr Axe's collagen should also help:

I also agree with a second opinion.

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Step by step walk the thousand mile road
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Originally posted by RogB:
David, if you decide to see a different doctor this guy is local and highly recommended


Thanks for the referral, I'm seeing him on 10/10.

Nice is overrated

"It's every freedom-loving individual's duty to lie to the government."
Airsoftguy, June 29, 2018

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