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Originally posted by HRK:

Several Motorcycle aftermarket tail lights do this, to get the attention of the driver behind them, some offer different programable patterns.
I had "FireFly" devices on my motorcycles. During daylight, it would rapidly modulate the intensity of the high beam headlight, to make the motorcycle more visible to car / truck drivers.

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I see this a lot at work.

Dash illuminates 24/7. Car maybe has DRLs or doesn't. Extremely bright dash (for DAYLIGHT) should be a clue, but isn't.

A lot of folks that have the headlight switch to the parking lights setting and are very hard to convince that it's not their low beams. Have them turn the lights to "on" and the brights are on. Then they don't know how to disable the brights (which is about as universal as turn signals).

It puzzles me.

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My Malibu has the opposite issue. The dash lights go into night mode too easily & the dash is incredibly difficult to read in daylight.
Even with direct sunlight, it takes a while to go back to day mode with brighter illumination.

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