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2 weeks ago my 4 year old maytag quit working. dead no power. I contact the repair shop. It will be 2 weeks to look at it. And if it is the computer board. They are back ordered and I have no idea when we will get them in.

So I just bought a new cheaper one to replace it. It was supposed to be delivered today. When the delivery guys got here they took the packaging off and the new one was beat to hell..dents, missing dial and a crack in the enamel.

I was supposed to go to Vegas last week for my 20th wedding anniversary and Allegiant tested me 4 hours before the flight to tell me it was cancelled Mad. Then had to try to get everything I had planned cancelled !
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The way your luck is running today, it's probably A Good Thing that your Vegas trip was cancelled.

Especially on Allegiant!

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Don't worry too much about your flight being cancelled. It will all come out in the wash.

Oh, wait....

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We also have a Maytag washer, also about 4 yrs old. Same thing happened, just went dead. Found this hack on the net and believe it or not it worked. Been running fine since.

The lid lift method

If you have a top-loader Maytag washer, you may be able to reset it by lifting the lid six times. However, you only have 12 seconds to do it.

Unplug the washer for 1 minute.
Reconnect the power and lift the lid and close it six times within a 12 second period. This process must be completed within 30 seconds from when you reconnect the power.
Note that the lid must properly close six times in a row for the method to work.


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Is this a Tik Tok challenge?
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Half the appliances we get look like they were thrown off a cliff. What sucks is we can’t open the packaging to verify condition. This is happening at the factory because the outer packaging is usually intact. Mad
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We've had problems with damage from shipping for years. We combat it by opening up everything we get before it reaches the customer. The employee who has to stop what he's doing to do it is pissed because sometimes its 2 hours out of his day. The truck driver is really pissed because those folks like to drop and go as quickly as possible. Independent trucking lines are the worst. We've gotten packages with tire tracks on them. We go out of our way to look for vendors who do their own trucking. If damage is not noted and initialed by the driver we have hell getting any of it taken care of from some vendors.

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Needed to replace our kitchen stove in 2016 after a major flood event that destroyed our home. Home depot delivered the stove 3 weeks after placing the order which after getting it into the kitchen and unpacking found major damage with the oven door failure to open due to damage...... had to wait 3 more weeks for replacement to be delivered which was also damaged with right side crushed in to the point that the wire shelves could not be moved or removed....... delivery refused and had to wait another 3 weeks for its replacement... But had the delivery crew actually unpackage the stove before they even took it off the back of the truck which some how it actually arrived undamaged which we accepted..... 1st and 2nd stove the shipping packaging was undamaged with no external marks so they were damaged prior to packaging.... Some body trying to sneak damaged product out to customers. ............. drill sgt.
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