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Every day jeans are Carhartt Carpenter. For the pockets on the legs. If I want to look more svelte, I have a pair of regular fit Wranglers. Which look better, fashion wise, but are less comfy.

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I've tried the relaxed fit wranglers that have a bit of stretch to them and that definitely didn't work out. They fit ok for about an hour, then they start stretching so much its like they expand two sizes up.

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I haven't worn jeans in years, I wear what they call "tech" pants, way more comfortable than jeans or Dockers's-horizon-guide-chino-pants?sp=1&color=Light%20Khaki&size=

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Originally posted by sigmonkey:
At this point in the sum of revolutions around the class G star knows as "Sol", my only concern with clothing is that I must wear it in public to avoid hassle and subsequent arrest of myself...

But fashion, fad, trend nor stare, don't confront me no more.

I am with Monkey here. My daily wardrobe is what is on top of the pile.

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