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Waiting for Hachiko
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Normally, I get over a cold pretty quick, 2 weeks.

I inherited a chest cold before Christmas, and although it's diminished some, it lingers on.
This is the first cold I've gotten in my chest in 30 years, normally, I have head colds.

I coughed some when I first got it, now it is an ongoing task of clearing mucus all day. My 95 year old Mom got the same type of cold, I am worried about her, but she has been to doctors, they are monitoring her. Not pneumonia.

Everyone is telling me this year's cold variety is what I'm having, lasting 9 weeks or more. We had warm, damp weather, this winter, which aided in sickness.

Would some one volunteer to inherit this cold from me? Who else has one lasting this long?

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My mother seems to have that cold, now that you mention it, same course and symptoms.

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About 12+ yrs. ago or so I had a chest cold that would not go away. I finally went in to the doc. after close to a month and w/ xrays it was determined it was about done w/ it, but he gave me some codine cough medicine just for night time sleep. He was big on a good nights rest.
I think that cold was 5 weeks long.
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Got it at Thanksgiving. Still have it.
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You can't beat SAMBUCOL at Walmart for $9 while the bandits at CVS get $16 for the same 4 ounce bottle of the syrup.

Then there is vitamin C and also vitamin D3.

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Not to be paranoid, but get it checked out. Up to and including a chest X-ray.
In 2011, I got one of my yearly bronchial infections. Just could t seem to shake it. Long story short, turns out I have Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.
It’s not something you want. .
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