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I hate this newer phenomenon Roll Eyes

I’m traveling between my two buildings at work, which are separated by about 3 miles, Road is two lanes in each direction, and there are businesses and schools up and down the stretch.

I’m in the left lane and I’m basically keeping pace with this woman in a midsize SUV in the right lane. All of a sudden she slows down and start swinging way to the left and almost takes me out while she makes a right turn into a school.

It’s a good thing I was paying attention and was able to react defensively in time.

Why do people do this? They act like they are driving a freaking 18 wheeler. You don’t need to swing your vehicle way to the left to make a right hand turn! Just turn the goddamn wheel right! Mad

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People can't turn in general. I hate when there are 2 lanes turning and the outside lane driver cuts across the corner and inside lane.
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I can't answer your question specifically to 18 wheeler wanna-bees but there is no doubt in my rabbit like mind that people are becoming more and more oblivious to their environment. Country walks, traffic, bikes, e-scooters, sidewalks, building entrances...totally oblivious to their suondings


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It's all those inattentive people busy on their phones who used to drive a subcompact Honda Fit or VW Golf and wound up replacing that econo-squishbox with a Toyota Highlander after the second kid came along. And then have never taken the time to really learn where the passenger side of their new vehicle is relative to the driver's seat. I've got a couple of neighbors who resemble that...(sigh)

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In my experience the behavior is no more prevalent in giant SUVs that in the tiniest of Kia, just more noticeable. It’s half of everyone!

Apparently they also ride on a single wheel with nitroglycerin balanced inside, and must come to a near complete stop before actually turning and getting the heck out of the way.

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It’s not a newer phenomenon, I’ve seen people do that for years, in SUVs and in little compacts. It pisses me off, but it yet another reason why I try my best to never pace anyone next to me. I either speed up or slow down.

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Does anybody look and adjust their speed in order to merge onto an interstate any more. It appears as if they just drive on out and hope there is room for them.
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You should come to Crystal City in Arlington, VA. In pre-COVID times, at least once or twice a month I would almost get hit in a clearly marked pedestrian crossing. Car size and type rarely mattered. And the drivers fell into one of three categories: 1) they look at me and I can see them say shit/fuck as they realize they fucked up 2) they never notice because they had their phones out 3) they focus on something 100 yards down the road and refuse to even look in your direction. Those last ones I really want to put a coffee mug through their window because they know they did wrong and just have zero fucks that they almost killed someone. That part of city is returning to normal, but several construction projects have started and vehicle traffic is a lot less.

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I've been seeing this a lot lately also and have no idea why people suddenly think they have to swing wide to turn.

Maybe driver training is teaching this now for some reason?
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Stuff like this and worse is an every day occurrence in central Florida especially around the attractions.
Not only do we have to deal with the locals who can't drive (some because they just moved here from somewhere else) but we have to deal with the tourist not only from the united states but from around the world.

My favorite lately happens on a three lane highway, Interstate 4. People for some reason love to exit the highway from the far left hand lane for a right hand exit. They cut across three lanes of traffic (cutting off other cars) and in some cases go off the road to make the exit.

It is almost as though there is not another exit they could turn around at for a thousand miles.
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I 4 between Daytona and Tampa was once listed as one of the most dangerous/deadly road in the United States.

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I know exactly what you mean. It makes my wife and I speechless. What would make people think that their SUVs (and I've even see sedans) have to swing out in an arc to make a turn??? And I doubt these drivers have even sat in the drivers seat of a big rig.

It's like a small man complex that you have to swagger.

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The button hook maneuver isn't limited to people who drive SUV's, I've seen people in regular cars pull the same stunt. Totally idiotic and needless.
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I won’t defend the dumbasses who swing left to turn right but is “keeping pace with” another way of saying cruising in their blind spot? Riding along anywhere near another vehicle is a poor choice with all the medicated, stoned, drunk, illegal, uninsured, oblivious, phone addicts out killing spare time and other drivers all day. Stay far away and use the left lane for passing.
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Driving through indy this weekend I backed off to not be next to an infinity SUV, then proceeded to watch it take a 2 lane off ramp going all "Fast and Furious" squeaking between three fully loaded 18 wheelers and a space almost exactly the size of the vehicle. I was debating which direction to go to avoid the debris, but it didn't materialize.

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PAsig, lucky you. Twice this month, I've been passed on the right by people driving over the curb and onto the sidewalk.
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Someone should teach her how to box a turn.
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We were purposefully ran off the road yesterday by some blimp assed inbred in a lifted diesel 4X4 pickup truck because I guess 50 in a 35 isn't fast enough.

I hate people. Most of all I hate these inbred mountain pillbillies.


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