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Post ANYTHING for sale...


“Looking for trades?”

“What trades are you interested in?”


Why? What do you think the chances are that I want your old crap? Yeah, I'm super interested in your AK wood furniture, chinese made red dot, and your take-off glock factory trigger.

Seriously, what are the odds you have something that I am looking for? Why are people so compelled to try and trade? If you want what I have for sale, sell your crap (if its worth anything) and buy it from me.

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Fighting the good fight
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Oh, man. It was terrible on Armslist back in the day.

You'd post a gun for sale, and you'd get inundated with emails like:

"I have a nice condition size X-Small leather jacket and three stock wheels off a 1984 Ford F150 I'll trade you!"

(And yes, that's the gist of an actual trade offer I received.)
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E tan e epi tas
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The will you accept X payment in lieu of what you have very specifically laid out is the one that bugs me.
“No I am not taking prize goats at this time and I understand this is a gift for your nephew whose birthday is in 2 days but I’m still not taking PayPal or big coin…….you will be giving the little tyke the best gift ever by teaching him cash is king. Smile

I even had a dude many years ago ask for me to ship directly to them and it would be fine because we would both just keep it on the down low. Roll Eyes sure buddy. Hell I’ll throw in a little heroin too as a thank you gift.

I hate people. Smile

"Guns are tools. The only weapon ever created was man."
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Thank you
Very little
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I dunno with the price of eggs, I might consider a trade for some laying hens.....

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Dances With
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^^^^^^ LOL giggle snort guffaw !!! ^^^^^

When something is funny, search for the hidden truth.
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I could see it if you specifically said, "Trade offers considered." Otherwise, you'd think it was clear that you wanted, maybe, money.


A website I saw yesterday had laying hens starting at about $25 and going up from there.

You want a cool black hen? That one was $90 plus.

I would like to apologize to anyone I have *not* offended. Please be patient. I will get to you shortly.
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Equally puzzling to me is people who don't want to sell, they just want to trade. For something. Maybe they don't even know what.

"But.. I have money to trade you and you can buy whatever you want!"
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