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I realize that there is a love/hate relationship with installing an electronic item like a red dot on a pistol.
With regard to battery life, I have found the big issue is with the battery itself rather than the device.
We have no idea how long most batteries sit on the shelf. A typical 3 volt red dot battery will measure as high as 3.35 volts, and one that has been sitting a while can measure closer to 3.0 volts.
Clearly, longer life can be expected with a 3.3 ish volt battery than a 3.0 ish battery.
Before I swap mine out, I check it with a $10 DVOM and write the voltage and date on the battery with a sharpie. Personally, if it doesn’t check at a minimum 3.15 volts, I won’t use it.
This habit of checking and documenting takes no time, costs no money (assuming you own a DVOM) and I recommend incorporating it into your predetermined maintenance schedule.
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You happen to have a link to the $10 DOVM?

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I use this one.
I have had it for years and works fine for simple stuff.
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For a $10 DMM, look at the Aneng M108 or M118.

I paid $10 for my Amprobe PM60 but they are discontinued
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Voltage is not sufficient to evaluate a battery. Several inexpensive DVOM offer a battery load test. Suggest you choose these DVOM for true eval.

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