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I'm looking for recommendations on repainting the standard Von Stavenhagen (dot-bar configuration) sights on an older P245.

For those of you who have done this what seemed to work best for you?

Did you remove the old paint?

I'm thinking of sealing it with a clear lacquer after applying the new paint...

For those you that have painted other parts of your pistol (such as the Sig Sauer markings), what type(s) of paint have worked for you?

thx in advance, RSilva

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For sights, I remove any existing paint then degrease the area to be repainted with acetone. My paint of choice is Testors hobby enamel. Instead of using a brush, I use the tip of a sharp toothpick to collect a very small amount of paint which I dab on the area to be painted - allowing the paint to flow into the recess. For best results use as little paint as possible. If you go too heavy on your first attempt, simply clean with acetone and repeat. Good luck.
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As above, but last time I did it I removed the rear sight. It made it easier, at least for me.
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I've used Appliance Epoxy specifically for that purpose. Came out perfect. Very abrasion-resistant and has the right amount of gloss. Comes in convenient little touch-up jars like White-out.

For lettering I've used water-based acrylics (did the lettering on my P229 that way). WBA is not soluble to oils, and in fact is no longer soluble to water once it cures. Have had good luck with Tamiya model paints also in nice small jars.

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