220 ST Extraction Problems

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September 05, 2022, 05:41 PM
220 ST Extraction Problems
I need some direction to troubleshoot an extraction problem.

sorry for the long explanation

I have 2- 220 ST 's one is a Langdon with black slide, the other has the standard stainless slide.

Both have internal ejectors, I am left handed and was using the same reloads in both,

Both guns will eject the case apx 20 feet when working correctly.

Both guns freshly cleaned and lubed

I pulled them out the other day and took them to practice to run some stages to get ready for a upcoming match, I had not shot them in 5 years

The Langdon was shooting fine for the first 3- 4 mags then I had a failure to extract the case, empty cartridge was in the chamber and the magazine was trying to load another round behind it. This happened about 3-4 rounds per 100 shots,

Took it apart lubed it up, checked the extractor everything looked good, put it back together, and was still getting the occasional failure to extract. Not consistent but occasional 3-4 rounds per 100.

It was getting dark and I put the Langdon aside and decided to run the standard 220 ST the rest of the evening, it ran well no problems, took it to the match and had no problems at all with it.

Where do I start the trouble shooting an occasional problem?

Should I start with a new Ejector?

Someone said limp wristing?
But I shot the other ST with no problems

Scrape carbon from under the ejector - done

Bad brass? it was a mixture of brass in reloads,
the bullet, powder were all the same, the brass which did not eject appeared similar to all of the other pieces. And the same reloads worked in the standard ST.

Any thoughts?

September 08, 2022, 07:22 AM
I was a police armorer before I retired and worked on the P220ST for over 10 years. It was our standard duty weapon. Occasionally I had to replace the extractor occasionally but the number one extraction related problem I delt with was the locking block. I have never been able to figure out why. No cracks or visible damage. I would go to the range and start swapping out parts. When I would switch out the locking block the extraction problems stopped. To confirm it I would put the bad locking block in another P220ST that worked fine and it would start malfunctioning. I would also check the recoil spring if the gun is getting old. Hard to say what is wrong without actually seeing the weapon. Good luck.
September 08, 2022, 11:06 AM
I bought a P220ST when they first came out.
At the time there was a big problem with the extractors. Sig denied there was a problem but would send out a few extractors if you complained about it. A new extractor always solved the problem, in my case, for about 700 rounds.

Bruce Gray addressed the problem and did find that the factory internal extractor was indeed designed incorrectly. He devised a new extractor and machining to the gun to solve the problem.
I would contact Bruce Gray and get his input.
September 10, 2022, 10:33 PM

For the responses

It appears it may not be a simple or inexpensive fix

I will give Bruce a call to discuss this

I will also check some pricing and availability on extractors and locking blocks

November 06, 2022, 02:29 PM
Any up-dates?
December 07, 2022, 05:10 PM

Sorry for the late response

I dropped off the forum for a bit, life has been getting in the way,

No good updates, I had to put that gun aside for a bit

But I did purchase and install a new extractor, and the problem is still there.

A buddy took it and super detail cleaned, lubed and reviewed it, I shot 2 mags it was looking good , and then failure..

I called Sig and they advised to send it in for a Service where they will go through it completely, review and replace parts and springs as needed etc for less than $150.00 including freight, then test fire it to make sure its working correctly, If I do that I may need to locate my original trigger bar ,as I added a Gray Guns short reset in a previous life and Sig indicated they do remove any non stock parts replace them with stock and charge me extra for it.

I talked to a Gun Smith at Gray Guns and he did not have a lot of details on Bruce's modification but it was $200 + freight, but he guaranteed it will work when they were done and be reliable.

Everyone mentioned the ammo and maybe I will have to get some more factory ammo to try along with my reloads before I send it to anyone, to take that out of the equation as the Smith at Gray Guns advised trying to add more powder if I am not at max load to see if that affects it.

He also suggested swapping extractors with the 220 that is working, which I had not done yet.

Everyone also asked if I could replicate the problem consistently and I can not. sometimes its every other mag, sometimes its 4 rounds in 100

I will post again after I have something else to report. Its too nice of a gun to just sit there and look good.

Thanks for the thoughts

December 07, 2022, 08:42 PM
From my experience I would not waste the time or money sending it to Sig.
Sending it to Bruce would be my only option if I wanted the gun to be reliable.