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While cleaning my P365 after a range session today, I noticed when I was wiping down the rails that there is some play between the grip frame and the fire control unit. The receiver pin that holds those two things together is intact.

Is there normally some play there and I just haven't noticed, or is there a problem? I did have a problem with accuracy today, which is unusual.

I also have a call in to Robert Burke, but wanted to see what other members have experienced.

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Yes, on all three of mine. Most noticeable on trigger take up I felt rocking of the FCU. WC grip module has better fit.
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It should be noted that the holes in the FCU for the receiver pin are OVAL shaped by design, which allows the FCU to slide forward and rearward about 0.010". You can feel the FCU slide rearward while you are squeezing the trigger as the trigger bar linkage contacts the sear. While it may not be desirable, this is normal. I'm guessing that this is to accommodate production part tolerances so that the parts do not require hand fitting. There are several ways that you could reduce or eliminate this play if it bothers you. Many, if not most people don't even notice this play unless you point it out to them.
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