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This bill arbitrarily limits magazine capacity to 15 rounds and has no grandfather clause. You would have to surrender it, glue a block in it to limit it to 15 rounds, or be a potential felon. It is not clear if there would be a buyback, but a fiscal appropriation accompanies this bill.

Along with 1.3 million dollars to enforce.
Another ridiculous law.
Hopefully it doesn't pass.
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That's all we need in this state after they got universal background checks and red flag laws. FUCK the governor.

Plus, what they hell do they think they can do with 1.3 million to "enforce"? They won't be paying me a visit to check in my safe for that much.


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I believe HB 156 was tabled in committee by a unanimous vote. They may try to rewrite it for the 60 day session next year. Still there are other anti-gun bills still floating around.
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New Mexico is a beautiful place. Too bad it’s leadership is not too swift.
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