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Originally posted by ewills:
The 13" Rosco TWO-FISTER. Stamped Mechanics Unbreakable U.S.A.

Many many years ago a plumber showed me how he tightens tank-to-bolts in a toilet tank full of water. without getting his hands and arm soaked. He said you always wanted to have one long screwdriver. So I always had a ⅜" x 12" slotted in my toolbox. Overall length about 17". Replaced once under warranty, and I've another in case. A couple of years ago as I downsize, I went to the ⅜" x 8", which fits into my shoulder bag without sticking out. Like to travel light.

They are particularly effective when you want to chip a little concrete or cement from around a pipe in a location obstructed by other pipes; you can reach right through the maze with the 12" shaft and tap-tap-tap with your Estwing to expose the issue.

When filling in at a friend's foreign car shop, he'd occasionally break out a screwdriver which was close to three feet long. More like a lever with a giant screwdriver handle. Impressive.

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