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Originally posted by kimberkid:
Originally posted by George85019:

Not like an AR, but you can shoot with the stock folded! LOL AR vs AK, Hell, I like em' both!

Where did you get that angled hinge, or did it come on the rifle?
I only ask because it looks like a separate piece.

It is part of the folding Bonesteel stock.

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My Little Pony – Colt LE6945 w/7.5” flash/bang upper!

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Up until June I did not have any AR's

Put a PSA upper on an Anderson lower
Then decided I needed a .308 to replace the FAL I had and got a Ruger SR-762

Now I'm rounding up parts for a pistol build.

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My Noreen Firearms billet 6.5 Grendel project
Making the best of the crappy weather.


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