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I was playing with different methods of shining brass.

Wet tumbling, I used 2 cups water and added one tablespoon lime juice.

This is the result:

I hope this helps someone!



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Oh MY!

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lot of extra steps,hope they don't gall the bullets in the loading process
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Originally posted by 45 Cal:
lot of extra steps,hope they don't gall the bullets in the loading process

This is why I don't wet tumble pistol brass...

And I'm honestly starting to wonder if it's worth the headache for rifle brass, too. Too many extra steps and time, and corn cob is cheap enough..

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I'm in the meh column on wet tumbling. That dirty ass water has to go somewhere...drying is for laundry Big Grin

Keeping your corncob media clean is easy, that lizard junk walnut not so much. Stopped using that stuff a few years ago.
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Looks nice Josh.

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I agree about the dirty water and drying. I also agree about the lizard walnut crap, but I use walnut media from Harbor Freight which is much cleaner to start with and it stays clean a long time when used with used dryer sheets. It's a lot less expensive and becomes cheaper yet if you split the box with someone else.

I use the walnut to clean the brass and then run the brass through a second tumbler using corn cob media for polishing. I get the corn cob media from an industrial supply house which is cheaper, cleaner and does a better job than the stuff from the pet store. I don't need dryer sheets with the corn cob since the brass was already cleaned with the walnut.
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