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Originally posted by 1KPerDay:
Primed 900 9mm cases. I’ve found I swear a lot less if I prime brass separately before I load on the Pro-1000.

The Lee Pro 1000 priming system is well know for causing people to swear.
I, too, prime separately.

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Yep. I’ve tried all the recommended fixes and mine just doesn’t work well enough for me.

In fact for smaller batches of .38 special, .40, and .45 I just prime and load on the LCT even though it’s not as fast as a true progressive. But it sure does make things easy.

Loaded 300 .38 special MBC coated 158 SWC yesterday and it was a pleasure.

Someday I’ll win the lottery and get a 650 or 750.

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Used up my last 400 primers on 9mm.
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So I got some fiocchi 12 ga shells and threw together some unique aa12 wads and a simple 69 caliber round ball I usually use for my Brown Bess....went to the range and was pleasantly surprised... Rey little recoil and accurate for a round ball...

Gonna go back tomorrow and try them at 50 and 100 yds.

Also patterned my Mossberg 12 with factory Winchester OObuck at 10 yards ..5shots- all on one 11x8.5 piece of paper at ten yards out of a riot barrel...

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