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I got pulled over for speeding, 13 over the limit, about 1 AM the other night near my home in Florida. I rolled down my window and kept my hands on the steering wheel. The officer shined his light on me and asked for my license. When I removed my license from the clear pocket in my wallet he saw my carry permit underneath and asked if I was armed. I told him my gun was in the console. He asked me to exit the truck and asked if I had any other weapons on my person. I told him I had a Benchmade auto knife in my right front pocket. He asked me to lift my shirt and he removed the knife and placed it on my console. Then he asked me to stand behind the truck and went to his cruiser to run my license. He never asked for registration or insurance and it took about 2 minutes for him to come back and hand me my license. Told me to watch my speed and have a nice night. This officer was calm, respectful and professional and he didn't give me a ticket.
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Not long ago I was headed to my son’s cabin in Vermont three miles from the Canadian border. I was taking a route I don’t normally use and I missed the turn I was looking for. I rounded a bend and there was the border station for entry into Canada. I slowed down and mad a uturn ...instantly two Border Patrol vehicles pulled me over. I explained that I had no intention to go to Canada and was headed to a town east of the border crossing. They ran my driver’s license and asked if I had any law enforcement contact. I told them no and then they asked if they could search my vehicle with a dog and I said sure. Then they asked if I wanted to get out of the vehicle. Yes ! I said. But oh by the way I have an unloaded shotgun in the back seat and a loaded 38 in my right front pocket.I was asked why I had a 38. Because I can. Then he said that’s a good reason. Vermont is a constitutional carry state with nor permit or need to notify. So I was told to exit the vehicle and keep my hand away from my front pocket. I folded my arms and chatted while they searched my vehicle with the dog and the bed of the truck. After some small talk they said I could leave. I thanked them for their service and shook both of the agents hands. They were surprised I was happy to be searched. These feds were polite and professional. I was happy to have a nice interaction with the Border Patrol

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Just because something is legal to do doesn't mean it is the smart thing to do.
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Years ago when I first started as a reserve deputy one of the first things that I was taught was to assume EVERYONE has a gun until proven otherwise.

Seemed like smart concept to me.

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There is no guaranteed good way to inform in states that require it. Even if you inform out of courtesey and respect for the of officer in a state that doesn't required it, the officer may be a really bad listener and react negatively to the word "gun". It's happened to my twice, and I'm in a no-inform required state. So the last thing I say in a traffic stop in my state is "gun", or anything that sounds like it. Some officers are not reasonable, balanced, and intelligent people in general. So unless you get a really good officer, it's a crap shoot.

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There is no requirement to inform in my state. If they don't ask, I don't tell.
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It will depend on the issuing agency but Kalif is a must announce state.

i think there is some variation from county to county. my issuing county (monterey) requires it. The last renewal class i took was in santa cruz county and they said no. as it is, i must announce anywhere in the state because my issuing county is monterey regardless of where i take the class
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