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In PA, it does not automatically pop up that the person has a LTCF. I believe the dispatched has to run the info through another screen.

At first, they did this automatically, then they put a stop to that. The officer had to request that info. Then, they changed it yet again and I think they run the screen and tell the officer about the LCTF.

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Not sure what information the dispatcher may see on their screen.
But on the computer in the patrol units the ccw permit comes up on the screen when the driver license is ran.

The thing that has changed is when the vehicle registration is checked the owners driver license information does not come up on its own. You must now do a separate entry for the driver license information.

You are no longer allowed to use Probable cause for the traffic stop based on a registration check and the driver license information would automatically come up and may show a suspended driver.
The problem was that the driver of the vehicle may not be the registered owner of the vehicle who has the suspended driver license in the Great Commonwealth of Pa

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That is ridiculous. I'm glad we don't have to disclose in Alabama.


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Both times I had contact with LE for minor traffic related issues while carrying, the officer/deputy didn’t care and hardly skipped a beat when I disclosed. The first time, I suspect it actually got me OUT of a ticket for doing 15 over.
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I am a 25 year Ohio LEO and I also teach the CHL classes. I tell my students that as an LEO, most tend to get a little jumpy when someone blurts out they have a gun. I suggest that they advise the officer that they have a CHL first and then advise that they are carrying a handgun.

I have never removed someone from the car and disarmed them(other than people that were not carrying legally). Only once did I get snippy with someone when I ran his license, (he was not the registered owner) and learned that he had a CHL. When I asked him if he was carrying he said "yeah". I asked him why had had not informed me of that little bit of info and he stated that his instructor never told him of that. I advised him that it was in the booklet as well, to which he replied he didn't read it.

I let him know that instead of seizing his pistol, confiscating his CHL, and arresting him, I was just going to cite him for the traffic violations, gave him another copy of the booklet on the CHL laws and suggest that he read it, as it will save him some big problems down the road.

As far as Troopers are concerned, they have opposed Ohio's concealed carry since it was enacted.

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