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In Florida we do not have to notify, if asked we must be truthful.

I never notify unless asked or if I am asked to exit the vehicle. Then I will notify prior to getting out. The few times I have notified I was never disarmed.

Our LEOs May have a different attitude about it since you can have a gun in your car without having any type of permit. As my neighbor the cop told me once, it’s Florida, I assume every car I stop has a gun in it.

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LEO in MO here.

First off we have no requirement to inform here but if asked you must be honest or risk a criminal charge.

As an officer, I 100 percent appreciate, and advocate for, informing me anyway.

In the OP, I would not have disarmed him. I won't unless I have a reason greater than simple possession of a firearm by a lawful carrier. I think that unnecessary handling of the weapon is more risky than leaving it with a lawful carrier during a "routine" (I hate that term though) stop.

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Originally posted by fredj338:
It will depend on the issuing agency but Kalif is a must announce state. Failure to announce & if reported could cost you your ccw.

Fred, has this changed recently? Can you point me to the code section? I was under the impression that was not the case. Our sheriff used to want folks to advise, but due to some issues with other agencies his current policy is, "Please tell my deputies. Use your own judgement with other agencies." (Thanks Gary!) says:

"Must Inform Officer – There is no statute stating you must have your Permit/License in your possession when carrying. recommends you always have your Permit/License with you when carrying. I have been hearing from CCW holders in CA stating that some Issuing Authorities are putting a restriction on issued Permit/Licenses that the holder must inform any Police Office that contacts them on any type of official capacity. CA law does not state you have to inform an officer on any official contact with them. If an issuing authority puts that restriction on your permit/license then you must inform."
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I have. Twice. One Miami Beach officer disarmed me (after I informed him) and ran the serial #. I asked him why he ran the numbers if I volunteered that I was carrying. No response. After writing a ticket, he handed me my gun and put my magazine in the back of my vehicle. He then asked me not to reload my weapon until he got around the corner.

[QUOTE]Originally posted by Black92LX:
I have never disarmed someone legally carrying a firearm.
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Originally posted by Sigmund:

Seems that way to me. IA does not require notification, but I would do so. CCW info comes back when they run your DL so they're gonna know.

Actually, not necessarily in Iowa. There is no state database of permits that LE can query. I would imagine that many counties are like mine where permit information is part of our in-house records. If I run you and you have a permit issued in our county, I will see that (along with things like trespass warnings), but if you have a permit from any other county, I've got nothing.

I really don't care about permit status anyway and I think our dispatch makes an excessive effort to notify us if someone has a permit (to include people we are only being asked to call, people reporting crimes, people requesting vehicle unlocks, etc.) I DO like that denied permits are in our system, though. That is useful data.
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Originally posted by ulsterman:
I was handed my 2 magazines first and informed that he loaded the chambered round back in the magazine.
So, you chamber a round and don't replace that round in your mag?
Exactly what I was thinking. A round that is cleared from my pistol would not fit in the magazine. No room at the inn!

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