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I suspect this question has been asked previously but nothing came up in my search. I just picked up a p365xl w romeozero. I had been carrying a Shield with a TLR-6. I know Tactical Development makes a nice adapter rail, and there are holsters to support the rail with several lights, I’m curious how many Of you with smaller guns are carrying lights. I’ve taken some comfort in having a light to date but I don’t recall being in a location where it was too dark to see at edc distances. I’d welcome your thoughts.
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Many will suggest carrying a mini hand held flashlight instead of weapon mounted. Holster issue resolved.
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This. I’m all for WML on pistols. You won’t hear me repeating the silly “violates safety rules”nonsense.

But on an EDC, it’s job is to get me out of trouble and to safety, no search for gunman in the dark. I can do any self defense scenario that pops up with a G19 and Surefire Stiletto.

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My home defense pistol has a light, but not my EDC gun.
Regardless of size, I dont add bulk to, or complicate my holster gun.
I carry a high lumen tactical flashlight always.

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Adding to Jerry’s comments; from a civilian engagement perspective, I can’t think of a single time that I have been anywhere that It was so dark I think I would have needed a weapon light, that I wouldn’t already have my handheld light deployed.

My house gun has a light.

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