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My P239 SAS was originally chambered in .357 SIG. The grip is perfect for my hands, it is very accurate, but the pistol is just too heavy for me. If I am not carrying a pocket pistol, I prefer a P320C slide on a subcompact grip module using X-grips.

A 9mm P239 with a lighter slide might be the best idea of the 3 three, but I have never fired or even held a 9mm P239 which has a lighter slide.
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I agree which is why I carry a 9mm instead of my 40 or 357Sig both of which sit in my safe.
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I didn't read the whole thread. But IIRC, a 239 9mm barrel will function fine in a 40/357 239. I think 357 mags will work fine, but not 40s&w. Someone else jump in.
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"To the question. Are you still Carrying the 239? Do you find it a good carry gun? Or have you moved on to something else and why?"

I worked for a Dept that issued SIG pistols. During a period of time, my off-duty gun was a SIG P239 9mm. GREAT gun, carried easily and the grip fit my hands perfectly, I could shoot it just like its bigger brethren.

Back in 2005, I switched form the SIG DA/SA system to the Glock 19. I still like the P239 9mm a lot, but no longer shoot DA/SA pistols.

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