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I have a P239 in my carry. Makes a good HD or carry piece.
I also think it balances better than a Glock. It shoots like a larger gun.

I ve taken two defensive handgun courses with it. Other people were amazed at its accuracy. Like you , I live in CA .
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Originally posted by Bulldog7972:
OldMick, I'm thinking of buying a G26. Does your G26 have the 2 round mag extension? What is it that makes you prefer the 26 over the 239? Weight,capacity? Is the 26 easier to carry?

Sorry for the delay in responding. No, it doesn't have the mag +2 extension but it does have the Pearce 0 grip extension. And I carry a spare G19 mag with the sleeve. I use Comp-Tac FBI Cant Paddle holsters for both, and frankly the G26 just feels lighter/more comfortable to carry, but I've never checked the actual weight of either.

They are both great guns, both carry well, I just find myself reaching for the G26 more often than the 239. I'm left-handed too, but doubt that makes any difference.
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Been carrying mine for looong time now. .40 in a VMII. Most comfortable set up I've found.

The single stack really does well for me. I'm trying to slowly transition to my P320c for the greater capacity. It's the first 9 I've owned. But the 239 is still my EDC.

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The P239 with Trijicon HD Night Sights (yellow) and the Sig Custom Shop Action Enhancement Package has been my EDC for the past 3 years replacing a S&W sub-compact 1911 with a 3.5 inch barrel. I first started carrying it in a comp-tac MTAC IWB holster with the 15 degree FBI cant but then transitioned to the Milt Sparks leather Nexus holster which is slightly more comfortable but has a slightly slower draw time than the comp-tac. However I now find myself carrying the P320 9mm in the Nexus holster. I live in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts where, like Cali, we're limited to 10 round magazine. The 320 is a bit lighter than the 239 and the trigger pull is better so I have to admit I'm favoring the 320 theses days. There's something about the 320's trigger and it's modularity that has made me a huge 320 fan.
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Thank you for all for the posts and thoughts.
I'm going to pick up a 239 DAK when i can find one here in CA. Or find one with DA/SA and do a conversion as long as the frame has been set up for DAK. I'm leaning to 9mm.. but will get .357 sig if one shows up. Wink
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If you find one in .357Sig or .40 you can always pick up a barrel and magazine(s) for the other caliber. With 9mm, you can not switch it to a different caliber.

I originally purchased mine in .40 as that was my duty caliber at the time. Upon retirement I switched it over to .357. As I have more .40 ammo than .357 ammo, I practice with the .40 ammo and carry it with the .357.


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Sig 239 in 357 Sig is my go to gun for woods and city in cool weather. It is the gun I shoot most accurately and the 357 Sig is a great round. In t-shirt and shorts weather I carry Glock 43.

Best gun I've ever bought is the Sig239.

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I don't carry a P239 . . . yet.
Mrs. Santa Claus asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told her a P239 in 9mm.
I know that she went to the LGS and got a Gen1 P239 for a great price.
It is now hidden somewhere here at the house (dadgummit that woman is devious).
But I went ahead and ordered an IWB Hybrid from Ozark Holsters for it.
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I had one, and it was a dream to carry. 9mm DAK sold it to buy a p220 DAK which turned into a G32.
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My 239 SAS two tone .40 srt da/sa with night sights has been my CCW for 10 years now. It just works well for me.

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DAK/9mm with 10rd spare mag. If I need more than 19 rds, I'm already in a world of hurt.

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The P239 in 9mm was my first carry pistol about ten years ago. I liked its ergonomics (I already had a P226 and P228, so it was familiar) and size, but I eventually moved away from it due to the limited capacity (understand that's less of an issue in CA). I felt that it was a large pistol for holding only 8 rounds in the magazine. As alluded to earlier, its dimensions match the Glock 19 almost exactly. I ended up switching to the P228, which I felt was not much of a size tradeoff for 5 extra rounds, especially when worn IWB. A few years later, I was bitten by the .40 S&W bug and started carrying a USPc. I really like the HK, and while I'm considering going back to the P228 (no longer sold on .40), I may opt to stick with the USPc line.

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I have a P239 in 9mm. I find it exceedingly easy to shoot accurately. Some of this may be due to the flat sided grip providing neural feedback. I would feel very comfortable carrying one of these, but depending on needs, would probably opt for the .357Sig version. Also a single stack mag is easy to carry in a pocket.

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Used to, not anymore. Gun itself was a sweet shooting piece, was originally a nicely broken in CPO which I sometimes regret selling. But it weighed more with less capacity than a G19 which has also since been replaced by a V1 HK P30
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I have a Gen. 1 P239 SAS (stainless slide, Nitron frame, wood grips) in .40 S&W. I have a Milt Sparks VM2 and I-BAK for it, as well as an Alessi Bodyguard.

I carry it occasionally, but, my new Walther PPS M2 in 9mm is so much more comfortable and convenient, that it goes with me most of the time. Other than that, usually my Ruger LCP-CT in a pocket.

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I used to carry a .40 239 on my body armor as a BUG to my .40 226. Now, it just sits forlornly in the furthest corner of the safe. Accurate as a laser, but I can carry more gun for less weight and more capacity with other things.
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Used to carry a Sig 239 in 40 S&W with Hogue grips.I sanded off the finger grooves on the grip, and used a Milt Sparks Summer Special IWB holster. Used XS big dot tritium sights. Good combination, but I use a low thumb grip, and it had a tendency to keep the slide lock down, leading to a "click every 8th shot (the magazine holds 7 with 40 S&W, as I recall).

I switched to a Sig 229, and don't have the problem with the slide failing to lock back when empty.

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Carried a.40 SAS for the last few years great for me....recently went to a 938
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I've carried my 239 in 40 for about twenty years. It was between that and a G-27. I shoot the 239 better. I'm sure others shoot the Glock better. Whatever works for you. Yep, I'd rather have more capacity but my Sig just fits me right. I've recently picked up a 229 in DAK that I may try to work with.

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Originally posted by Minnow:
I carried a P239 for several years. Along came the "You will buy a Glock thread." After reading so many comments about the Glock 19, I bought one. It replaced the P239 within a short time. Higher capacity, ease of maintenance and the "just feels right to me" factor made the decision for me.
The P239 still gets plenty of range time, it is a fun gun to shoot.

Me too. I've carried a 239 in .357Sig for about 15 or more years and about 6 months ago I got a Glock G19 Gen4 and have been carrying it.

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