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Chiming back in on an older post here. Since my original post in this thread, my IWB holster “allegiance” for a 1911 has shifted, but only slightly.

My preference - in fact my favorite holster overall for a 1911 - is the single-loop Summer Special (vs. the dual-loop SS2) from the likes of the revived Bruce Nelson Combat Leather line and from Milt Sparks. Shown here with a 1911 Government Model and a Milt Sparks IPD IWB double mag pouch.

If going OWB, I like the Sparks 55BN holster and their S4C magazine pouches. I have a somewhat old-school Roadrunner holster (high-ride OWB with a strong forward cant) on-order with them now, due to arrive within the next 8 weeks or so.

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I primarily carried 1911's when I was in the states.

Commander length but I found barrel didn't matter AS much as grip. I found bobtail guns WAY wasier to conceal believe it or not, that little printing was what always got me.

I used VMII for IWB and Axiom for OWB. I found anything remotely high ride sucked with the weight of the gun.

I'd probably go Criterion when I get back to the US this time.

I found a thin 1911 easier to conceal on a smaller framed body (I am 5'10" 170'ish) than a G19.

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I use one of these when I carry my 1911, same holster for my glock...

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Way back I used to CCW a government 1911. Then I moved to a Commander and now these days it is a CCO.

But to the point of this thread I originally preferred a IWB Versa Max 2 but then adopted a Simply Rugged's 'Cuda Roy Baker style pancake OWB as my go to.

I think as we get older IWB becomes less attractive as a carry method. Much more comfortable is the pancake 'Cuda I use with my CCO these days. Smile

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