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I watched it twice this weekend on HBO. Was better the second time - paid less attention to the humans and more attention to the monsters. It's ok - not great.

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I thought kt was cool enough for a "free" movie at home.

But I'll watch any of the monster movies at that price, at least once.

No way I'd fork over $20+ to see it in a theater, though, and I'm pleased I didn't.
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The CGI was pretty impressive and for a week night time killer it wasn't bad. I don't really like movies that are non stop over the top action. I give it two and a halve to three stars out of five.

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Originally posted by daikyu:
Can't wait. The plot will most likely be silly and/or stupid but a chance to watch giant monsters beat the crap out of each other for 2 hours is worth the price of admission.

Coming to HBO Max in March.

This for sure!
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Poor Pensacola: Hurricanes, flooding, drug dealer shootouts in the streets. Now Godzilla attacks! I'm lucky to have left last month.
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