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Saw it last night, good movie but somewhat predictable. Not as good as Creed. Probably the last time as Rocky Balboa for Stalone, if the reports are true. If so, the run ended well.

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Say what you like about Stallone but I always enjoyed the Rocky series. Most of the Rambo's too, I understand they started filming another one.

His two best roles imo were Cliffhanger and Cop Land.

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Cop Land should have got Sly into new roles other than the action guy/star. Stellar performance by him and that’s saying something with the likes of Keitel and DeNiro in it. Sly held his own. Sly is black balled in the same way those fucks in Hollywood did to John Milius. The only way he can do stuff is to do it himself and get the funding. Pretty much what he had to do with The Expendables. Those aren’t what they could be because the studios chinze him and won’t give him blockbuster budgets. They let him work, but with limited funds.

I don’t like the Creed actor. First one was good but if Sly wasn’t in it I wouldn’t have watched it. Don’t like the director either. Director is antifa/sjw like a mofo.

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