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Anyone else watched the CNN 4 part series? I can't normally stomach the channel but a coworker told me about the show and we are of similar age.

Being raised in a white affluent suburb I enjoyed an upbringing mostly unaffected by all the turmoil.

It's a pretty interesting show and I will record the other 3 segments to watch without the commercial crap. Looking back through the lens of a grandpa it was a rough time.

'1968': The Year That Changed America
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my birth year -- sometimes I muse at the incredible things I have read about which were happening 100% unbeknownst to me as a new human in this world.

kinda like now - look at a high school 17 year old - who was just coming into the world when 9/11 happened... they have no first-hand experience / recollection of the events which have shaped a lot of world dynamics in the 21st Century.


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That's exactly when the grown ups lost control of this country.

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1968 - I was married, had a child and a job.

I lived 1968 and don't care to re-visit.

Some love to romanticise the 60's.

It was just another time like now: Corrupt pols, war, racial turmoil, you know, the usual...wait, I spoke to soon, terrorists monsters hadn't spread like the cancer social wildfire they are, so yeah, it was a better time.

And perverts of all stripes stayed in the closet. At least, for the most part. Until their rotten selves were caught and thrown in the slammer.

Now, they're deified.

So, yeah, maybe I'll watch it.
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Why in the hell do they have Tom Hanks commenting on events of 1968? He was 12.

I'm certain that if they looked just a little bit harder they might have been able to find someone a bit more qualified to comment on the events of that year. You know, maybe someone who wasn't a pre-teen. Roll Eyes


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I have not seen the series. I turned 22 in late 1968 (still 21 when most of the big stuff happened). There were MLK's and RFK's assassinations. Many forget that also the Warsaw Pact (mainly led by the Soviet Union) invaded Czechoslovakia to stop a "Prague Spring" rebellion and its liberalization reforms. There were plenty of other memorable events, too, many having to do with the conflict in VietNam.
It seemed like a fog at the time, so much stuff happening that was hard to take in. Boom, boom, one right after the other.
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I was 20 in 1968, so I lived it as well. College student and Republican-In-Training (Democrat-leaning but about to see the light).

I sure don't need CNN to tell me their version of what it was like.

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I sure don't need CNN to tell me their version of what it was like.

Me either. My memories of that time included events on the world stage, but also some very personal memories. I do not like someone telling me what it was like at the time. CNN and their perspective is not the least bit interesting to me.
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I turned 21 in 68 and they have not reported on that yet.
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For a bit of tv history, watch the movie 'Best of Enemies'. It is about William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal covering the presidential conventions. God bless WFB.

I was indoctrinated to admire the '60s (YoB 1964) but now consider that time to be a demonic unloosening. David Horowitz was an influence on that change.

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