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I've never heard this done on guitar. Certainly worked for me this evening. Enjoy!

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Never heard that version before.
A great piece of music that is played many ways, Piano, Flute, Violin, full orchestra.
The version by the creator himself.

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I've always loved the piano version myself. There was a guy...Tomita?...did a neat electronic version as well. I think the album was "Snowflakes are Dancing".


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Very nice. At times, there was a harp-like quality to the sound.
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First time I've heard it on a guitar. I liked it. I use a clip of Clair De Lune as a ringtone for my wife's incoming calls. She's been playing piano since she was 5 or 6, and that was one of the first songs I heard her play years ago when we first met.

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tumbles into the sea
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That was amazing. Emotive and flawlessly executed.

That microphone sure works. It picked up chair squeaks when she shifted position.

I kind of wish classical guitarist would use flat wound or coated strings to avoid that round-wound screech when moving finger position.
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Nicely done
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A talented musician for sure. Just not to my taste.

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Claire de Lune was my grandmother's favorite piano piece. I like this guitar version. And the various harp renditions. For whimsy, this theramin and flying lawnmore mashup is as cool as a breeze.

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