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Picture of Aeteocles
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Originally posted by Kevbo:
I don’t get why you don’t park a truck with Motörhead blasting in the radio and a tactical nuke in the back somewhere

I enjoyed it but some of the obvious stupidity drove me a little nuts

Still, it was worth my seeing

Yeah, I definitely wish the family had wired up a bullhorn or boom box way out in the field, and used it as an emergency decoy (much like the fireworks/rockets). Could it have used it in one or two scenes to draw the aliens out of the house, while still carrying the story forward.
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Partial dichotomy
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Saw this tonight. Enjoyed it and found myself holding my breath and keeping quiet.

Like others, I had questions about certain details, but given it's a movie about crazy creatures, what's a few oddities?

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Thanks for the thread, i totally forgot about this movie, i aw the trailer and it blew my mind...good to know it lives up to its hype....not much thriller and Horror movies out there.
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