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Too soon old,
Too late smart
Anyone watched this yet, started on the 17th. Afaik it's only on CBS all access.


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Nullus Anxietas
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My wife and I watched the previous mini-series. It was not bad, and was more-or-less somewhat kind of true to the book. Which, considering the length of the book, was no mean feat.

We don't have CBS All Access. My thought is, being as it's made in 2020 and involves Whoopi Goldberg, I would be surprised if it was tolerable, much less good.

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Partial dichotomy
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Loved the book....til the very end and the previous mini-series.

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another no to the CBS pay,

read the book, 2x's and watched most of the mini series, (been so long ago I cannot remember if I finished it or not)
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Started watching it. They had to 2020 it. Characters have been changed, genders and colors. It is not set chronologically, jumps back and forth. I've read both versions of the book a couple times each and watched the 1994 mini series a few times. I dont think this new series does the book any justice so far. If they had only worn masks...

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