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I searched and I looked back two pages and I didnt find a topic specifically on this show. I want her the first two episodes tonight from DVR as I've been traveling to Trinidad and out of state the last two weeks. Looks like a pretty good show so far. My wife really likes it too but I did have to caution her. The show is on NBC, as soon as you really start to understand and get into it, they will cancel it! They may even cancel it with a cliffhanger! I just plain don't trust NBC to continue a show I like. They have let me down so many times in the past this way!

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Beth Greene
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There seem to be a lot of these returned from the dead shows of late.

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I'm enjoying the show so far but I'm prepared to become disappointed in the future. The same can be said about The Mayans.



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I caught the last half of the pilot episode. It's an interesting premise, although it seems like kind of a blatant ripoff of The 4400. My biggest problem is, it comes on after my bedtime. And since I cut the cord a while back I don't even have a DVR anymore so I can't record it. That's the one thing that I do miss about cable TV. I'd keep watching it if it just wasn't on so late at night.
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