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Thanks guys. I ended going with my original choice, "Neptune's Inferno".

I've read some of your suggestions (notably "Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors", "Rising Sun", and "Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"). 220-9er, thanks for mentioning "With the Old Breed". I consider that not just a good history book, but one of the most powerful books I've ever read.

But some of these suggestions are unfamiliar and I am will to look into them; thank you for these recommendations!


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When you're done here a few more.

Instruments of Darkness - The History of Electronic Warfare 1939-1945 Dr. Alfred Price

The Blitzkrieg Legend - The 1940 Campaign in the West Karl-Heinz Frieser

Jump in to Hell - German Paratroopers in WWII Frank Kurowski (Mainly the Crete Campaign)

FRD Goes to War Burton W. Folsom and Anita Folsom

The Interrogator Raymond F. Tolliver

Sixty Days that shook the west - Fall of France 1940 Jaques Benoist-Mechin (English translation) This book cover the Political Events of the time.

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We Die Alone

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