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I swear I had
something for this
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Given how broken the three are, 1 more maybe all they're capable of.
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"Rumor has it" but update of that rumor that I saw was that it was BS.


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interesting - never saw the update

thanks Big Grin

this means I can sleep tonight

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Very mis-leading headline. No their contract hasn't been re-newed however, that doesn't mean they aren't going to offer a contract.

I'm gonna guess that a new contract will be provided and Clarkson will have less creative control. While the good stuff is there, the bad stuff are absolute duds and spreading out the creative direction will help balance out the show. Whitman and Clarkson for all of their wit, are out of good ideas for the show and in-need of some help in so-much that it doesn't violate any terms BBC's TG property.
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