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I have played Origins about 10 times now, I love the game. I tried to play DA2 but it bored the shit out of me. I got about 15 hours in and just couldn't do it anymore. I want to play Inquisition, do you need to have played DA2 for the story?

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No. It doesn't require any previous games played.

However, like you, I don't think either of the follow up games compared to the first. They just didn't have the same feel.

Even if they had more endings, more side missions, more story line, higher production quality, they game play and story just didn't satisfy me like the first one.

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It took me a while to get into DA2, but I ended up enjoying it. Not as good as the original, but it grows on you. It's just a shame that it takes hours to really "hook" you.

I still haven't played Inquisition, but it's next up on my "to play" list. Been trying to finish up the last of Witcher 3, which it taking a while with my limited video gaming time.
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origins is the best of the bunch, Inquisition is not far behind it. It is more Skyrim feel than origins. It is good. The story is good. Characters are good.
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Never played 1 or 2 but I liked inquisition. Good characters and environments but I got a little bored with the combat later in the game. When I played it there was an extremely powerful build for the wizard class that turned it into a melee character. You could really wreck enemies with it. Not sure if that got nerfed since then.
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