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I saw it, wasn't expecting much. But I liked it.
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Originally posted by jhe888:
He doesn't have much range. Plus, he is a dwarf

This cracked me up.

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They should have remade the Adam West batman thing and Cruise could have done a very respectable Robin.
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Originally posted by TMats:
Originally posted by aparoche:
Last good Tom Cruise movie?


Edge of Tomorrow, but then I generally like his movies (stupid ol' unsophisticated me).

You also got to see them kill Tom's character over and over in that film. Wink


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^^^^^ I lost it when he got ran over by the truck.

Thank you President Trump.
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I actually think Cruise improved with age, didn't like his earlier films (Risky Business, Top Gun, etc.) He has a bit more range than given credit for, but then I think a lot of "great" actors basically play themselves nowadays (De Niro, Depp, Pacino, etc.). Hell, I love John Wayne, but the guy played the same character for decades.

Sure, recent Cruise films have been less than stellar at the box office, but all have made boat loads of money overseas, where Cruise is still an enormous star. I thought Edge of Tomorrow and Obilvion were good movies, I enjoyed them. I'm a fan of Lee Child's books, but I thought Jack Reacher was a decent action movie.

One thing about Cruise; he may have been bat shit crazy a decade ago in some media appearances, but he has remained pretty sane in the past 10 years. He has kept politics out of his public image, and by all accounts is one the hardest working "stars" on set, working well with cast and crew. The guy makes shitloads of movies nowadays, and perhaps he knows the clock is ticking.

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