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Last time was when I was still married, we saw Under The Tuscan Sun

Had to look it up to see when it was released, and it said 2003, so it appears to be almost 17 years ago when I last went to the theater.

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Sometime in the 1970s, I would say. About the time our local cable system started offering HBO.

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We have a theater here that has leather, powered recliners with reserved seating. It is worth the price of a ticket. Last movie we saw was Dr. Dolittle. Before that 1917.

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Maybe once in the last ten or twenty years.

My wife wanted to see "The Life of Pi," so I sucked it up and went with her.
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2000 saw Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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I go about 7 or 8 times a year. Still enjoy it. I go to a really nice theater with comfortable, reclining chairs and no obstructed views. Best part is my wife can't ask me questions during the movie Big Grin

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Used to go regularly as I love film. But millennials, their smartphone addictions, and their ADD pushed me out. April of 2019 I walked out of a film, after sitting next to a young woman wring her hands at full arm’s length for an hour straight with brief interruptions of that on her phone. I walked out and started spending money upgrading my HT. Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, now it’s better PQ than the theaters, and much better sound.

So my last Cinemark pass I had, I cashed in, in December for Uncut Gems. No plans to ever return, even if it was free. Once again, a young millennial woman was sitting next to me, again with the phone interruptions and instead of hand wringing, it was 2 hours of hair twirling, full arm’s length. It was so bad I had to crumple up my jacket, and put it on my shoulder to act as a horse blinder. No more. The movie theater is now in my house and I can wait 90 days for any film, from theatrical release to 4k disc or Blu-Ray.

lex talionis
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Ice age heat wave,
cant complain.
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The Revenant.

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Last night - saw "Just Mercy". Good movie.

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last five. I could have skipped Gems, Star Wars and Midway.

01-12-20 - 1917 (2019)
12-28-19 - Uncut Gems (2019)
12-25-19 - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)
12-12-19 - Richard Jewell (2019)
12-08-19 - Midway (2019)
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I saw the two most recent star wars (and regretted it, but because they were shitty movies) also saw Bohemian Rapsody.

I usually wait til a movie is nearly at the end of its run, and then go on a weeknight or better, a weekday afternoon. Then I am usually nearly alone in the theatre.

Most of the time I wait for the rental or digital rental. I have a 60" TV, a comfy couch, cheap drinks and snacks and good audio at home.

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May 2019, Apollo 11. Outstanding flick.
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Richard Jewell was the first movie I’ve seen in years and years. I won’t support Hollywood other than Clint.
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Been a while. I usually wait until the initial surge has dissipated for a new release so that it's less likely to have Bigfoot sitting in front of me or someone's precious 8 year old seat kicker behind me.
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They have increased of late for date nights with my wife, so say 6-8 a year. Maybe once a year I'll see a movie with my college son or with my brother. Last one, probably Little Women with my wife. It was very well done.
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Bladerunner 2049


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It's been 20 years for me, Perfect Storm, with a group from our marina.


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2010, for The A-Team. Yes, I was bored.
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Last time was to see Joker whenever that came out.
We only go about once a year.
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