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Last week to see 1917. I started going to a theater one stop down the highway from work. They have reserved seating in all theaters and a decent amount of restaurants around it.

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June 2018. No desire to go back.
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A couple months. I enjoy going to the theater and don’t seem to have the problems others do with rude people.

I will say I very rarely go on opening weekend for anything. I reserve seats or get there early to get good seats. I tend to go to smaller theaters and I tend to go during off hours to avoid huge crowds.

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About 15 months; have been hoping to go very soon and see "1917". Last movie was around Christmas-time 2018, and of course it was "The Grinch" remake. Ticket, popcorn and Coke was $22 IIRC.
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Mid Last year when my son dragged me to see End Game.

I won't go back until the silly, grade school assigned seating goes away. Kinda wanted to see the new Bad Boys, but guess I'll wait until it comes out on Amazon.

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a few weeks back saw 1917. I wait a while after something comes out so I can go see it in a pretty empty theater.
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Several years for me too. When I see something that interests me, I just think it will be streaming or on cable soon.

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Whenever They Shall Not Grow Old went on general release.
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I go once or twice a year.

Most recently my youngest and I saw The Rise of Skywalker after bingeing all 8 previous movies.

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We go a handful of times a year. Movie and dinner with the family. It isn't cheap, but this time is so fleeting. The years roll by. Went last weekend for Knives Out. It was enjoyable enough.
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Star Wars , the last (somewhat disappointing) installment

have seen them all in the theater, ,

will likely go again next weekend to hopefully catch 1917
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Ford v Ferrari

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About a year ago. Can't even remember what I saw. We really enjoyed watching Endgame on our sofa, being able to pause it for bathroom breaks & more beer. Smile

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So long ago I recall not when it was or what we went to see.

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Originally posted by 12131:
Been almost 20 years since I went to one, watching The Lord Of The Rings. Don't miss it one bit.

That was also the last movie I watched in a theater.

Once the big flatscreens became readily available I lost all interest in sitting in a theater.

Now that I have a young kid though I am considering giving it another shot for something to do......

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‘Bout 45 minutes ago. Munchkin and I saw the new Jumanji. Both enjoyed. I even had popcorn and a soda. Now the last time I had popcorn and a soda in a theatre was “Cowboys and Aliens” so 2011ish. Smile

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Close to 30 years if memory serves. Much prefer the comfort of our home theater.

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Last month, did my very first double feature.
Midway, followed up with Ford v. Ferrari.

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1980 +/-. Took my baby daughter to see the midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

40 years would be a pretty good guess.

Not sure there even IS one within 50 miles of here.

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It's been at least fifteen years since my wife and I have gone to the movies.
We would much rather watch them from home.

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