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Was entertaining enough for my flight home. Yeah, I enjoyed it; at least while not exactly sober on a 4 hour flight, it fit the bill.


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I like Crowe and the title describes him at times. My favorite movie of this genre is Duel, 1971 starring Dennis Weaver. Spielberg's debut I believe.
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Originally posted by AllenInWV:
Originally posted by hberttmank:
He has been doing some eatin, don't think he could do Leonidas again.

Gerard Butler (who has also done some eating) played Leonidas. Crowe played Maximus Decimus Meridius.

OOPS, I got them mixed up, my bad.

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Meh, it was borderline of being decent and disappointing. Has Crowe really gotten that big or is it the magic of Hollywood making him appear to be Jabba the Hut?

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