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I just finished watching a movie and can finally say, "At last - a movie worth watching!"

So, maybe I missed it when it debuted in 2010, but this Peter Weir-directed movie has all the right stuff for me: great character development, terrific scenery, a solid soundtrack that enhances but doesn't overwhelm, and a cast that can really act!

Ed Harris, a four-time Oscar nominee, and Colin Ferrell, are the "names" in the cast, but they don't overshadow the others, who are part of a multinational ensemble. Weir, himself a six-time Oscar nominee, put together a movie that for all intents and purposes, flew under the radar. It received an Oscar nomination for Best Makeup, but other film associations also gave it nominations for best score, best supporting actor (Ferrell) and Best Actress (Saoirse Ronan).

Based on a true story, the book "The Long Walk: A True Story of a Trek to Freedom" by Slawomir Rawicz, is the story of a group of men who escape the Soviet Gulag and literally walk 4,000 miles from Siberia to India. The introduction to the movie begins with the written comment, "In 1941, three men walked out of the Himalayas into India. They had survived a 4000 mile walk to freedom. This film is dedicated to them."

I enjoyed it. Two hours, 13 minutes. On Hulu, and Prime.

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I really enjoyed it. It’s worth a view.

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Yeah great movie. I saw it about 5 years ago and also wondered how I missed it when it came out.

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Rawicz claimed to have seen a group of yeti in the Himalayas.

Great story.
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Thanks for the heads up, especially citing source availability.

Good flick.
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I thought it was outstanding. Highest recommendation.
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