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The Joy Maker
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Originally posted by Kevmo:
Originally posted by airsoft guy:
There's of course the Adam Carolla Show, along with the whole pantheon of podcasts from Carolla Digital, got one about building houses, another on racing/cars, the Adam and Dr. Drew Show, Reasonable Doubt with Mark Geragos.

Beyond that, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is pretty good if you like history. Just stumbled on one called Eastern Border by a guy in Latvia that focuses on the history of the Soviet Union. It's a bit more low budget, being essentially a guy in his livingroom with a pile of books.

I used to be a daily listener but the quality of the ACS has really gone downhill...Adam seems angry all the time and not in a funny way and Gina is torture on the ears with her noises and idiotic comments.

Ace Man is a rich white dude living in southern California, you'd be angry all the time too.

But yeah, Gina Grad I am not a fan of. She's not a bad person or anything, I just sort of get a "ME TOO!" vibe from her comments, that one dude's girlfriend who has to be there, and tries to be one of the guys.

Originally posted by Will938:
If you don't become a screen writer for comedy movies, then you're an asshole.
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I like Hey do you remember for movies. I found Science Fiction film podcast to be good depending on which of the hosts are participating. If you like fantasy football the Fantasy Footballers are good and just plain fun to listen to. I havent found a shooting podcast thats truly done it for me yet.
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Jocko Podcast, Joe Rogan and Tim Ferris are very long so, if you've got some long drives ahead or, need some air filler, not to mention the good content, give them a try. I don't listen to every episode but, the ones I've heard I've enjoyed.

John Batchelor Show- More conservative current news, also does book reviews, space exploration and military news.
Freakanomics- Author of the best selling book puts their economic googles on for more studies and guests...left leaning.
Midrats- Navy bloggers discuss maritime security issues
Dan Carlin has three podcasts now: Hardcore History is his most popular, its a deep dive into history; Common Sense is his take on current events; and his newest is Hardcore History Addendum which is historical odds/ends.
SOFREP Radio- Podcast extension of the website, special operations news and special interests.
FieldCraft Survival- Two former SF talk about a variety of topics and how-to issues.
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The Federalist Radio Hour

The Cato Daily Podcast

Three Martini Lunch
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I listen to ACS. Love Gina Grad's laugh. A number of Avalanche specific podcasts. Mike Rowe. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Keven Pollack's Chat Show when they hava a guest that interests me. Mad Dogs and Englishmen. Reasonable Doubt. Submarine Sea Stories. The Ben Shapiro Show. The Remnant. The Nerdist when they have a guest that interests me. The Jay and Dan Podcast. Going to try Sports? With Katie Nolan.

She's into malakas, Dino!
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A Beautiful Mind
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Renegade Radio with Jason Ferruggia, Order of Man, Onnit Podcast, TED Talks Daily, Internal Fighting Arts.
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Search that title on ITunes or goggle.

Steve Czaban is a sports talk radio host who has been on fox sports radio and Sirius XM. He covers sports, life, electronics, has a great take on sports and current events.

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