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This is great. Very funny. It's well-produced, as it should be, considering that it comes straight from HBO.

It contains my favorite line of the entire series- Furio's assessment of golf: "Stupid-a facking game!!"

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Man, I miss that show...

...ended too soon. I think it had a few more seasons to go.

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“All of dis ova some gabagool”

TCB all the time...
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Great, now I miss that show,

Every time I watched it I was ridden with guilt for enjoying something so disturbingly dark .

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I miss that show.

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Didn't HBO make "The Sopranos" available to all for free during this lockdown time?

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Best TV theme song ever!

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I never watched the show in its entirety.

Finally watched it from front to back over the last two weeks or so. Great show! Ending sucked, but great show.

Reminded me of a few people from my youth...


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Hey Para! Since I’m a big golfer that’s one of my favorite lines also. A few months ago, before all this non sense started, he cane to a private event I was at. I talked to him for a bit, really nice guy who lives a few towns over. No accent at all and when I told him that was the best line he said that line for me in character and told me about the shoot. I then got a couple quick cell phone picks and went on with the night.
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That was fun. What a great series. The language was dead on and for the most part executed so naturally it never sounded forced or out of place.

Having grown up in a mostly Italian American community I heard all of that on a regular basis. Missing though, unless I missed it was Fanabla Meaning "go to hell"

Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves.

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They filmed a few episodes in my town. The "Bada Bing" was owned by one of our locals. Now gone it was the old Satin Dolls. Not bad burgers......

It was interesting watching the shooting of the scenes. For a two minute scene it's all day and a lot of standing around.

Richard Scalzo
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I must have slapped my friends hats off for a year saying, "there's a bee on your hat" after that golf episode.
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I really enjoyed the show. In the 80s and 90s the business I ran, in Newark, catered to waste haulers. I recognized several of the characters as people I knew.


"Nature scares me" a quote by my friend Bob after a rough day at sea.
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