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Originally posted by jhe888:
The Glenlivet is a very mildly flavored scotch. It is one of the Speyside style of scotches and they are typically not very smoky. They are also sometimes called grassy. Suffice it to say, they tend to be of a lighter, sweeter, and more fuity style. They are my least favorites.

Try Highland Park, which is a Highlands style from the Orkney Islands. It will be more fuller flavored than Glenlivet. Highland Park's whiskies are often called the best "all-round" scotches. Lots of flavor but well-balanced.

If you want to go all-in on heavy, smoky, sea-tasting whisky, try a Islay style, like Laphroaig or Lagavulin, which is my favorite scotch of any I have tried.

Give Talisker a try. I'm enjoying a Highland Park 12 right now.

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Never really got into scotch. I think the movie, Mr. Roberts killed it for me.
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Originally posted by smschulz:
That said in the last decade my tastes turned towards Irish (when I stopped smoking ironically) and there Redbreast takes the honors.

Love Irish too!
Sometimes variety is great.
Redbreast 12 (cask strength), Green Spot or Yellow Spot > among my favorites.

I still have a bottle of cask strength here... ran $80 a good number of years ago when I was getting 12 yo for $43. Laid in a number of bottles of the 12 and haven't needed to buy any since. Current prices for Redbreast locally are $63 for 12 yo and $118 for 18 yo. OUCH

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