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Originally posted by Keystoner:
Originally posted by Ripley:
Originally posted by gibby29:
I finally got to it on a lazy Sunday yesterday.

I view it with a little bit of the same way I viewed Solo. It is probably a story I didn’t need told however what came out the other end was thoroughly entertaining.

Question, was that scene in the diner flashback new footage or was it from the original series. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the original. Everyone looked older so I am guessing new?

Pretty sure it was new. Aaron Paul definitely looked older. That scene wasn't in the original, it seemed pivotal to Jesse reevaluating where he was and could choose to be. Probably Jesse's most in-your-face moment in this story of such moments.

'Todd' definitely looked older, too, and a lot fatter.

Just dad-bod bro! For some reason, his heftier appearance kept poking my brain while watching, as pretty much everyone else was strikingly similar to what they were before. Only other one that stuck out was skinny Pete, dude looked like time had beaten him along the way.

ETA: I enjoyed it and was very glad it gave us some sort of closure on Jessie. I took it as a nice open ending where you just believe he finally did right in his life.

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They dont call him 'Fat Damon" for nothing.
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I finally got around to watching this.

Did not seem like a 2 hour movie, to me it was another typical episode of the series. Which means it was great, excellent performances, script, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was pleased with the ending.

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Just watched it & surprisingly enjoyed it as I bailed one the original series after watching about half the seasons.

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I just watched it finally. Fantastic. Huge fan of the BB series and Jesse was my favorite character so i thoroughly enjoyed this movie. As the movie ended kind of open, i hope he finds peace and they leave the rest of his story alone.

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Todd also made it into a minor role in "The Irishman" on Netflix. He doesn't appear quite as fat in it.
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As Walt was breaking bad across the series, I guess Jesse was breaking good. He wasn't a very good dude, he did a lot of bad things, even though he didn't always want to, but he still did them.

He was just less ruthless and soulless than the other characters making him look better. But he wanted to do good, he was just too weak to get out and stay out.

My wife and I loved the series. I enjoyed this movie, she thought it was weak.

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