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I have really enjoyed D Day from the German perspective. Learning a lot.
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Originally posted by PKFan:
I'm in the midst of "House of Spies", the latest Gabriel Allon book by Daniel Silva. Liking it so far. The entire Allon series is recommended.

This one was especially good, as it broke from his "forumla" for a thriller. The old formula was present a problem, assemble the team, have a big problem in the middle of the solution, have Gabriel and others in dire danger and then rescued at the last minute. This one was have a big problem, assemble the team and then flawlessly handle the problems along the way to resolution. Much better. Of course, Gabriel is now in charge. Smile
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Just finished the "we are bob" of the bobiverse, the latest X-Force book "Black Ops" with Skippy, Col. JOE, and the merry band of pirates, now i am reading the third book in the four horseman universe " The Winged Hussars".
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