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I have watched the show from time to time. It can be interesting. I watched a sequence in Phoenix, AZ one time and found it of interest because it was all happening just a few blocks from where my sister and her kids had lived.


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Originally posted by bald1:
The "guns" on that big Richland County, NC cop are bigger than most people's thighs. Eek Big Grin

That's Richland County, SC - and seems like every scene is right down the road from where I work. I usually instantly know where they are when they cut to the Richland County PD.

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its on youtube as well,
from the six or 8 that I have watched, seems better than c.o.p.s

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I am waiting until I see episodes from inner city Chicago and Detroit. I am guessing the camera people would probably veto that idea. I could do with a little less commentary from the studio as well.
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