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I stumbled onto this trailer today. It's a new documentary about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. It was my favorite of the different series and thought I'd share the trailer for those who also like DS9. I'm seriously considering seeing this doc in the theater.

Link to original video:

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I’d probably see this too. I love Trek but DS9 was my least favorite of the franchise. I still watch it every night on H&I channel on cable though.


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DS9 is also my favorite of the Trek series.

While TNG has a number of the "best" ST episodes, I think DS9 is the most consistently "good" of the ST shows.
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I need to watch this. DS9 was the 2nd best series IMHO (after TNG).


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This documentary is now available on Amazon Prime - free (with Ad's) for prime members - also available on Apple TV

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Thanks for the heads up.

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Wow, that looks good.

DS9 was my favorite series of all Trek (after they got past the snoozer Seasons 1-3, that is). Thanks for the head's up.

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It was well worth it. There’s one scene that’s a bit cringe and will not date very well, but it was amazing seeing so much of the show HD scanned like TNG was for Blu-Ray release.

Hell, if CBS All Ass wants me to sign up, they can start HD scanning episodes and putting them up once a week. It can’t be that expensive compared to the trash they call Star Trek they’re wasting $8-10 million an episode on...
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